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Getting a Divorce: How Should I Pick My Lawyer? Here are 6 Useful Tips!

Modern day internet makes it easier to source legal advice and how-tos about almost every topic. But it is not advisable to process an official lawsuit by yourself, particularly an annulment where children and asset ownership are at stake.

Even though most courts will not require you to have a lawyer as you process your divorce, having professional support to get you through the ordeal is better and more beneficial than grasping concepts and proceedings you don’t understand properly.

Hypothetically speaking, it is possible to settle a divorce without having to involve an attorney. This happens if a couple has reached a complete agreement on everything concerning their marriage and their children (if they have any). But again, a lawyer is good to have on your side for efficiency and swift processing. 

There is always the possibility of unprecedented issues popping up from time to time, and a reasonable attorney is more than enough to deal with them. Hence, you would be able to focus more on the bigger picture and the turmoil the separation could bring. Aside from what was already mentioned, here are more reasons why you should hire a lawyer for your judicial separation:

Eliminate Errors

People usually make mistakes when they handle their own divorce for two main reasons: the legal system is hard to understand, and the stress of the divorce makes it harder to think straight. In a divorce proceeding, you can make a big mistake if you forget to talk about something like medical or credit card debt or if you under-or over-estimate the value of an asset. 

A mistake like this could cost money or need to be fixed in court in the future. Hiring an attorney can prevent costly mistakes from happening and can ensure that your case will be handled the first time correctly.

Professional Aid

A seasoned annulment litigator obtains what is justly due to them. Depending on the couple’s situation, state laws do not consistently deliver an equal division of assets and properties. In several cases, a spouse can even be entitled to receive a percentage of the other spouse’s future income and retirement benefits. An attorney can greatly help deal with challenging to handle marriage concerns such as child custody and support or significant income, debts, assets, or future assets (e.g., inheritance).

Lessen the Stress

Everyone goes through stress during a divorce. One way to lessen the pressure of a judicial separation is to hire a lawyer to help with the paperwork. The litigator will need some information from you, but other than that, they will take care of almost everything. Doing so allows you to have more time to take care of yourself and your family. When you get a divorce, you already have enough to worry about. Let a lawyer handle the legal work.

Finding the Perfect Legal Partner

Divorce isn’t something most people decide on a whim, and neither should your choice of lawyer. Sadly, it can be hard to find the right legal representative, especially when a lot is at stake. So to assist you in the process, we have listed these six steps that could help you save time and money:

Don't Rush the Process

Although some may think otherwise, you should not act rashly and hurriedly. In fact, doing so could really burden the lawyer you choose, which is something you definitely want to avoid. Even if you like the first lawyer or law firm you talk to, you should still talk to at least three more in your area to make sure you give yourself the best chance of finding the right one.

Know What You Want

Before starting the process, knowing how much emotional and legal help you want is essential, and then making a choice based on that information. If you want less to do with the project, say so upfront. If you want a more involved attorney who calls more of the shots, you should be honest about that and look for one that way.

Set Requirements & Be Selective

One of the most vital areas of getting divorced is hiring the proper legal counsel because who you choose to represent you can change how the case turns out in the end. Make sure to clarify as many questions as you need to to understand how the lawyer works and ensure that your goals and theirs are the same. Always look out for suspicious behavior, such as guarantees that sound too extravagant, lack of interest in your privacy, or lack of interest in getting to know your situation correctly.

Focus on What Matters Most

Even when both spouses want a divorce, the separation can still get very sentimental. But it is vital to remember your goal and the reasons behind an annulment. A suitable lawyer can help you figure out what matters and what doesn’t so you can make decisions based on what matters and ignore the rest.

Be Mindful of Your Decision

Eventually, the person you choose to represent you during a divorce would reflect what you value most. It would be best to consider where the lawyer is, how easy it is to get to, how quickly they respond, and how they can help you. When dealing with a process that can take months or even years to finish, these factors can help ease the way.

Find Out More

There are different ways to legally end a marital bond, and how you do it can significantly affect how long it goes. So, it will be essential to do a lot of research to find out which option fits your goals the best. From that point, you can decide on whether you want a joint effort, traditional litigation, or mediation.

If you are sure of the steps to take and only need a professional to guide your way, you don’t have to look further! Attorney Jennifer Mills Peek has over a decade of experience dealing with family law. Contact her today to discuss your options at (270) 558-4790, or visit her website for more info and send her a free quote