Family Law

Family law matters often times involve significatn life chages and can have far reaching impact on your financies and your future. Attorney Jennifer Peek is among the best in Kentucky in all aspects of family law. 

Family Law | Peek Family Law | Family Law Paducah KY
Family Law | Peek Family Law | Family Law Paducah KY

Criminal Law

Criminal law can get very complicated and when you are faced with being charged with a crime, legal representation is essential. If you’re scared or feel along, call today.

Legal Documents

Leaving your legal documents to chance has the potential to be a very costly mistake. Whether it be for a Power of Attorney, a living will or a last will and testament, we provide legal guidance in preparing and filing these documents so they can not be contested.

legal documents under judge gavel

Why Choose Paducah Family Lawyers?

When it comes to legal representation, everyone expects to get someone who is knowledgeable and professional. However, it is rare to find someone like Jennifer Mills Peek who will truly advocate for you during whatever you’re facing whether it be divorce, adoption, a DUI or other family law matters. Call Jennifer today. 

Client-Centered Approach

Our first responsibility is to our clients.
We will always be there when they need us.

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Jennifer Peek |Peek Family Law | Family Law Paducah KY

Attorney Jennifer Mills Peek PLLC

Specializing in Family & Criminal Law

Jennifer handles your Illinois or Kentucky family law (including divorce, child custody, adoption, grandparent’s rights, etc.), criminal defense, and general law needs (including wills, POAs, etc) in her friendly, family-oriented office setting.

She knows that all other aspects of family law are delicate and sensitive practice areas. We can treat you with the kindness, sensitivity, and discretion you would expect, yet still, be tough and strong on your behalf. It’s what we do, every day.