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Jennifer Mills (Peeler) Peek


Ensuring that all of your documents are legally binding and can be upheld in court is important when it comes to protecting your estate. From Power of Attorney (POAs) that handle your affairs to a Living Will to a Last Will that decides what happens once a person becomes deceased, an attorney with experience should prepare and review all of your documents. 

Laws vary from state to state and even from district to district and are highly based upon the circumstance. They can be complicated and difficult to interpret for the average person especially since the law is always changing. Legal representation can help to avoid mistakes most commonly made and provide you with the assurance that any legal documents you need will be legally binding. It is very risky to navigate these documents without the guidance and authority of legal counsel and can often be very costly in both time and money. Getting legal assistance now can save you in the long run.

Living Will

A living will, sometimes known as an advanced healthcare directive, personal directive, medical directive or advanced decision, is a legally binding document that explains what actions should be taken for an individual as it relates to their health care should they no longer be able to make decisions for themselves because of illness or incapacity. Essentially, a living will leaves instructions for how an individual wishes to be treated medically. Should a person not have this document, it is often left to family members or healthcare providers to determine the course of treatment for a person.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) is the legal authorization for a person who has specifically been choosen to make decisions about another individuals personal property, finances or medical treatment. The POA essentially allows a designated person to act on your behalf. Depending on how the document is put together or the specific requirements, it can either provide broad or narrow legal authority. This is why it is absolutely critical to have an attorney prepare, review and file these documents on your behalf. 

Last Will & Testiment

A last will & testament is a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes after their death as to how they want their assets to be distributed. This document is designed to be applied to both real/physical property as well as personal property. A will ensures that a person’s wishes are honored following their death. It ensures you have chosen an executor of your estate and all individual requests are carried out according to their wishes. If you have any sort of savings, investments, assets, property or dependants, having a will is critical.

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