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Mediating a divorce is a great option for couples who are on agreeable terms. Let Jennifer Mills Peek guide you through this process. 

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Divorce Mediation

Jennifer Mills (Peeler) Peek


For many, marriages can end on agreeable terms rather than hostile. In this case, a litigated divorce is not the only option. Couples may choose to mediate their divorce instead. Mediation is a low conflict process that can help you and your spouse reach an amicable agreement without involving the courts or a lengthy battle in court.

Mediation is a highly cooperative process designed to come to a peaceful resolution during a typical divorce. Parties can not be contentious or in high conflict in order for this to work. Divorce mediation is a great option for couples looking to dissolve their marriage in a very respectful way. Divorce mediation services are designed to minimize animosity between the parties involved. This is especially important when children are involved.

By hiring a highly qualified divorce mediation attorney, couples can take more control of their divorce agreement knowing they are being guided through the entire process. Mediation can be significantly less expensive than a long drawn-out court battle. It is a tool which can be used either as the actual mediator in your divorce or to provide independent counsel during the mediation process. Using a mediator in these cases, significantly streamlines the process and minimizes the burden many couples feel when they are in the process of divorcing. Jennifer Mills Peek will guide you through all of the points of divorce mediation including:

  • Dissolution of Marriages

  • Alimony

  • Custody

  • Parenting Contracts

  • Financial Situations

  • Child Support

  • Equitable Distribution 

  • And more..

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