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We understand that family matters can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to child custody law. 

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Child Custody

Jennifer Mills (Peeler) Peek


Establishing the terms of a custody arangement can be challenging, not to mention emotionally draining. Jennifer is not only highly experienced in child custody law but she also is passionate about assisting her clients through these proceedings. When you work with Jennifer and her team, they will provide you with a plan that meets your individual needs and protects the best interest of you and your children.

The child custody aspect of a divorce or separation is a very complex and important aspect of the process. Jennifer has worked with hundreds of families to ensure that the terms of the custody agreement protect the children involved and are as fair as possible. Jennifer has even assisted many serious fathers in fighting for shared custody and in some cases, even full custody.

Do not wait. If you are beginning or in the midst of a custody battle without proper representation of a child custody lawyer, call Jennifer today.

Child Custody Arrangments

There are essentially two types of custody: physical and legal. Physical refers to which parent the child resides with while legal custody refers to the parent responsible for making major life decisions affecting the child including those related to health, education, and general welfare. Ideally, both parents have an opportunity to come up with a parenting plan together. But unfortunately, in many cases, the emotions involved are just too raw or the situations are just too complex. 

If the parents are not able to design a parenting plan that both agree to, the law must step in. Typically, the following options exist in relation to custody:

In many cases, even those that are not extreme, it’s not uncommon for parents to call upon the expertise of a trusted family attorney. Jennifer Mills Peek is a compassionate and understanding child custody attorney who is able to help parents reach amicable and fair agreements that support the entire family. Jennifer assists her client in understanding the factors involved in child custody, such as:

There are many other factors involved that Jennifer’s experience and knowledge can guide you and your family through.

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Jennifer handles your Illinois or Kentucky family law (including divorce, child custody, adoption, grandparent’s rights, etc.), criminal defense, and general law needs (including wills, POAs, etc) in her friendly, family-oriented office setting.

She knows that all other aspects of family law are delicate and sensitive practice areas. We can treat you with the kindness, sensitivity, and discretion you would expect, yet still, be tough and strong on your behalf. It’s what we do, every day.