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Criminal Law in Kentucky and Illinois

Jennifer Mills (Peeler) Peek


Whether you’re faced with criminal charges or an arrest, the tendency is to feel helpless and alone and a criminal conviction can have very serious consequences. You may be facing potential time in jail, significant fines, probation, and long-lasting damage to your reputation. There are long-term financial consequences of not having knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel during this time. Criminal law can get very complicated and when being charged with a crime, appropriate legal representation is crucial. If you have recently been convicted of a crime, do not hesitate, call Jennifer Mills Peek today!

Since 2005, Jennifer has successfully defended her clients against criminal charges throughout Kentucky and Illinois. Jennifer will provide you with support and knowledge of your defense options based upon your specific situation and has litigated a wide range of criminal cases including:

She believes fully that you are innocent until proven guilty and will passionately advocate for you as a client.

Regardless of the type of criminal charges you might be facing, Jennifer is prepared to litigate your case and serve as your advocate throughout the entire proceeding. She will fight to ensure you have a fair and speedy trial regardless of the charges you are facing.

The Criminal Defense Process

When faced with criminal prosecution in Kentucky or Illinois, Jennifer Mills Peek will fight for your freedom and protect your rights.

If you have been arrested, it is common to feel overwhelmed and alone. But it is critical to understand that you have rights and are entitled to representation. 

The criminal defense attorney’s process begins at the arraignment which is the initial court appearance during which you are formally charged with a crime and bail is potentially set. Jennifer’s first goal is to get you released from the system and begin to prepare your defense. She will work closely with you so that you fully understand your rights and the process you will be going through. She will allow you ample opportunity to explain to her in confidence the details of your specific case, regardless of the charges you are facing.

Once the initial meetings have taken place and Jennifer has an understanding of your case, she will work closely with you to move through the most critical aspects of your defense strategy.  She begins with the investigation and gathering a complete understanding of all of the facts in the case, collecting evidence and reviewing police reports. During this process, Jennifer will get an in-depth statement from you and any witnesses as well as any victims in the case. She will also review your case for any judicial errors that may have been made along the way. She will prepare and file all legal documents and motions on your behalf and then discuss all possible defense strategies with you.

While this is a very tricky and complicated process, it is also one that Jennifer Mills Peek is skilled at and she has the record to prove it.


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Jennifer handles your Illinois or Kentucky family law (including divorce, child custody, adoption, grandparent’s rights, etc.), criminal defense, and general law needs (including wills, POAs, etc) in her friendly, family-oriented office setting.

She knows that all other aspects of family law are delicate and sensitive practice areas. We can treat you with the kindness, sensitivity, and discretion you would expect, yet still, be tough and strong on your behalf. It’s what we do, every day.