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Child Support

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As you and your spouse navigate the divorce process, the must be a solution with regard to providing basic living expenses for the child or children. While it can be challenging to ascertain exactly how much child support with either be paid or awarded, Jennifer Mills Peek can help determine your specific needs and how to best handle them.

While both parents are required to share in the financial responsibility that comes with raising a child, child support calculations use many factors including who has custody, each parent’s financial situation, what the parent’s financial situations were when they were married as well as many more factors.

Typically, child support is meant to cover expenses for the child, including:

Child support is designed to protect parents from economic hardship after a divorce. Jennifer will help provide you and your ex-spouse with an accurate valuation of your financial situation and the resulting child support responsibilities.

Basic guidelines for calculating support and establishing a child support order include:

If you or your ex-spouse has fallen behind in your payments, our attorney can address any outstanding child support warrants and find a solution to your current predicament. You need to resolve backed payments quickly as they can result in jail time.

If you are supposed to receive child support in McCracken County, Marshall County, Calloway County, Graves County, Lyon County, Crittenden County, Ballard County, Carlisle County, Livingston County or Massac County, Illinois, and the supporting parent is either not paying or is late, a court action may be necessary. Jennifer is experienced in requesting a hearing in family court and guiding you through the legal proceedings.

To learn more about Kentucky Child Support enforcement, do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Mills Peek, Family Attorney.

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