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No one wants to need a family lawyer however, families are complicated and often times even when they have the best of intentions, the need for a lawyer will arise. Having an attorney with family law experience is important when navigating legal issues within the family dynamic. Attorney Jennifer Mills Peek is among the best in Kentucky in all aspects of family law. She is able to guide families in a way that demonstrates skillful knowledge of the law as well as compassion for each unique situation.

Every family is different. Some are highly functional and yet end up in significant disagreements. Others are highly dysfunctional and the result can be filled with arguments, trauma, and violence. Each circumstance is slightly different and calls for a deep knowledge of the law. This is true for child support cases, child custody cases, adoption cases, cases involving money or debt and much more.

Among the items involved in family law are divorce, those related to children such as child support and and child custody. Adoption and abortion are topics that involve the law, especially today. Understanding property law is absolutely essential to many aspects of the family relationships. In many cases, money is the key contributor to disputes, such as children fighting over the property of parents that have no wills, even those that have wills. There are laws involving the responsibility of parents for minor children. To further complicate matters, many laws involving families are specific to each state.

Most people have no concept about what is legal and what is not regarding families. That’s why calling for legal assistance from an attorney who knows the law can help a client reach a proper conclusion. 

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Attorney Jennifer Mills Peek PLLC

Specializing in Family & Criminal Law

Jennifer handles your Illinois or Kentucky family law (including divorce, child custody, adoption, grandparent’s rights, etc.), criminal defense, and general law needs (including wills, POAs, etc) in her friendly, family-oriented office setting.

She knows that all other aspects of family law are delicate and sensitive practice areas. We can treat you with the kindness, sensitivity, and discretion you would expect, yet still, be tough and strong on your behalf. It’s what we do, every day.