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Family matters are complex, vare rarely cut and dry, and nearly always filled with emotion. Jennifer handles your Illinois or Kentucky family law cases such as divorce, custody, adoption, grandparent’s right as well as criminal defense and general law needs in her safe and personal office setting. Jennifer knows that it’s is not just her knowledge of the law that makes a difference but also her ability to aid in managing the emotional aspects of it for her clients as well.

Jennifer knows the delicate nature of this type of litigation and is able to navigate her client’s cases with sensitivity, discretion and yet still represent her clients in a very fair way.

Humble Beginnings

Jennifer was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky and graduated from Lone Oak High School in 2000. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Murray State University in 2004. After working with at-risk youths at a local group home, Jennifer decided to further her education and began law school.

She got her law degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 2009, and immediately began clerking for McCracken Circuit Court Judge Craig Z. Clymer.

Law in Practice

Jennifer began private practice in 2010 and opened her own firm in 2015. She has since primarily focused on family law (i.e. divorce, custody, visitation, child support, adoption, grandparent’s rights, etc.). She also handled some criminal defense cases and general practice areas, such as power of attorney and will drafting.

At present, Jennifer lives in Symsonia, Kentucky with her husband and five children. She has a blended family that includes her three amazing children (7. 2, and 2 months) and two wonderful step-children (17 and 13). She has also acted as a Guardian ad litem in McCracken County for countless children, most of which have been neglected and abused.

Jennifer is passionate about helping children and attempts to help her divorce/custody clients see past their own anger/resentment toward their ex and to act in their children’s best interests. She has also represented hundreds of foster parents in fulfilling their dreams to adopt children from the foster system.

Why Choose Jennifer Mills Peek Family Law?

You deserve a knowledgeable advocate who is dedicated to helping people who are going through the difficult process of family-related legal challenges.

Client-Centered Approach

Our first responsibility is to our clients.
We will always be there when they need us.

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Specializing in the Following Areas

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Family Law

Legal issues that involve relationships between members of a family and/or the relationship of a family to another and the society at large.

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Adoption Law

As a parent herself, Jennifer is especially sensitive to the highly emotional nature of the adoption process and takes a hands on approach in guiding families through this process.

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Legal Documents

Any formally written document necessary for enforcing and executing legal processes, acts, duties, rights, agreements, obligations, etc.