3 Most Expensive Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

3 Most Expensive Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

You should ask yourself these important questions if you’re getting a divorce. If a divorce is unavoidable, it should go as quickly, smoothly, and conclusively as possible. You need to feel safe about your future as you embark on your new life. That’s clear to us.

We have decades of experience as divorce lawyers, and as such, we know what factors can speed up or slow down a divorce, from those involving complex assets to those involving relatively few. Dedicated to the safety of our client’s families, their support, and their futures, we work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of their present.

On the flip side, we have witnessed firsthand the numerous errors made by the opposing spouse and their counsel. We’ve assisted former clients of rival firms in taking avoidable post-separation legal action. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top 3 divorce mistakes you must avoid ensuring your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

Setting the Wrong 'Ground' for Divorce

Kentucky allows divorce for various reasons, including adultery, drug addiction, desertion, and abandonment. Although, in the heat of the moment, you might wish that your spouse would be publicly shamed for cheating or a secret sexual fetish, there are three reasons why you should be very careful when selecting the ground for divorce.

Proof. When your partner denies any wrongdoing on your part, do you have any way to prove otherwise?

Cost. If your divorce is contentious or contested, it could drag on for a long time (and cost you more money), and the settlement could be much worse than it otherwise would have been because neither party was willing to negotiate. This could result in a judge making decisions about your finances and any alimony payments in the future.

Future. Would you like it if the other parent of your children had an extramarital affair or other potentially embarrassing activity recorded in court records (and in a public court hearing) for all time? What would happen if other kids found out about this? Or perhaps they’re just older now and realized that this was information you made available to the public?

How might this information affect your alimony obligation or award if your spouse’s career or future suffered due to the disclosure?

Inaction in the Face of Divorce Papers

Did you know that you can be divorced without your ‘permission’ or say so simply by ignoring the divorce papers? It’s human nature to want to shred or ignore a divorce summons if a process server knocks on your door and hands it to you. Both of these actions are doomed to failure. 

If you don’t respond, your spouse (and the court, in the case of a default judgment) will have the upper hand in determining the terms of your divorce settlement. You have been served divorce papers, so take a deep breath, open the envelope, and read them. Now what? Consult an experienced family law attorney for advice on responding to divorce paperwork and developing a workable divorce strategy.

Using Family & Friends as Lawyers

It’s great that your loved ones are willing to help you through this challenging time in your life. Your loved ones can provide the emotional and personal support you need. Still, there are many reasons to disregard any legal advice they may offer unless they are experienced and practicing family law attorneys. 

Divorce and property division laws in New Jersey are complex and frequently updated. Well-intentioned as it may be, you may receive guidance that ultimately proves detrimental and even financially costly.

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