Doing A Prenup? Don’t Forget About These Assets

Doing A Prenup? Don’t Forget About These Assets

Make careful to audit all of your assets before getting married or getting remarried if you’re using a postnuptial or prenuptial agreement as part of your estate planning. Financial conflicts in your family can arise if you fail to identify specific assets.


While it is simple to identify and address your principal assets in estate planning, there may be other items to include in your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement:


  • collections of fine art or priceless items of art;
  • any priceless collections, including those designer clothes, watches, baseball cards, and more;
  • Jewelry, particularly the engagement ring, as well as heirloom pieces;
  • equipment for sports and home gyms;
  • household entertainment systems
  • advanced security measures;
  • a current assessment of your company that takes future variations in worth into account;
  • genetic material that has already been extracted or that will be in the event of disease;
  • rights to companies that you may one day find but have not yet done so;
  • the worth of your spouse’s time spent supporting your business;
  • pets, their care, and custody during vacations and at the end of their lives, as well as any property related to their upkeep and housing;
  • vehicles, including those, parked or otherwise not in operation;
  • copies made from the originals of important images and documents;
  • goods with a low financial value but great sentimental value to you and your family;
  • division of labor in the home, both before and after children are born and while pregnant;
  • patents and anything else over which you currently or in the future have intellectual property rights;
  • boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), four-wheelers, and other vehicles.

To guarantee that they are transferred (and insured) in the manner you intended, such items should be specifically identified in your prenuptial agreement (or postnuptial agreement).


Do you realize the legal restrictions on what can be said in your prenuptial agreement? Do you already know what issues you want to discuss with a prenup lawyer? Our intake and review procedure at Paducah Family Law aids you in carefully considering your assets, intentions, and problems for individuals who are remarrying.


Prenuptial (and postnuptial) agreements are very challenging to successfully fight when they are meticulously drafted with the professional legal advice of an expert Florida prenup and family law attorney.