The Yeiser Art Center

The Paducah Art Guild, which later became the Yeiser Art Center (YAC), was established in 1957 to encourage appreciation and innovation in the visual arts. It started as a small volunteer group headed by Mary Yeiser, Ginny Black, and Bob Evans, who worked together to make it a reality. YAC currently has a permanent exhibition space and a collection of over 300 items, which is a significant increase from previous years. Visual art programs are offered for both children and adults at the center, as well as gallery talks and artist presentations by visiting artists. They currently have three employees, including an executive director who works full time. In addition, the YAC has a fantastic volunteer program and a welcoming membership program. A great post.


It is the YAC’s mission to continue to deliver engaging exhibitions and activities in their community, as they have done since they were founded. The exhibitions are chosen to span a diverse range of art styles, genres, and methodologies, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. Aside from offering unique artworks and a space for artists, the center also provides educational tools for schools, colleges, and community organizations. YAC provides creative experiences for children while also advocating for a strong visual arts education in their local schools, according to its website. They aim to showcase known and emerging regional and national artists, as well as artists from other parts of the world.


YAC aspires to be a considerate neighbor. Their joint endeavors include obtaining financing for other community arts projects and donating their time and expertise to other arts projects in the community. Located in Paducah’s historic downtown, the center serves as a cultural focus, contributing to the city’s overall attractiveness as a tourist attraction. In addition, YAC provides services to individuals and children of all ages across the region without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin (including ethnic minorities), sexual orientation (including gender identity), or disability.


In addition to receiving several benefits and unique access to YAC events, membership in the YAC is an excellent way to support the arts in Paducah and surrounding areas. By bringing in artists from other areas of the nation, YAC’s programming serves to exhibit and promote Paducah’s blossoming art scene while also promoting Paducah itself. Subscribe to our newsletter to help us continue to serve you with high-quality exhibitions, a diverse choice of lectures, and other cultural activities. Join us now! It is only because of the assistance we get from our members that we are able to obtain donations from individuals, companies, and the government.


All members of the YAC family enjoy more customized access to the center’s facilities and services than other members of the community. Any and all membership fees are used to support the center’s continuous efforts to showcase and preserve its irreplaceable treasures.


This organization’s purpose is to broaden the region’s access to interesting new exhibitions by partnering with other organizations. Thanks to your support, the promotion of the arts in Western Kentucky can be maintained and enhanced. Thanks for supporting Yeiser in the past and in the future!


The Yeiser Art Center is primarily reliant on philanthropic contributions to operate. They rely on these donations to make their exhibitions, educational projects, and community engagement possible. Contributions may be made in a variety of sizes and can be set up as one-time or regular monthly payments.

Yeiser is in need of volunteer opportunities. I’m talking about anybody. In addition to the many practical advantages of volunteering at the Yeiser Arts Center, there are several chances to learn new skills and put existing ones to use in a variety of ways. Aspects of volunteering, in general, will be discussed, as well as some helpful hints along the course of it. Whatever your motivation for joining us is—whether it is to serve, develop, or just have more fun—we hope you will consider joining us in our goal to share art and ideas with the community in the near future. Do you want to become involved in volunteer work but aren’t sure how to get started? Come meet them at the Yeiser Art Center and learn how you can help them achieve their goals! They want to demonstrate to you how much of a difference you can make. Continue reading about ACS Airsoft >>>