Barrel & Bond

In the autumn of 2019, it is planned that Barrel & Bond, which will open at the foot of Broadway in downtown Paducah, will provide visitors with a genuine Kentucky Experience. A 150-year-old historic edifice was used to construct the bar, which will have 1,600 Bourbons and American Whiskeys, making it one of the largest selections accessible not just in Kentucky, but across the United States! A fantastic read.


The state of Kentucky is home to the distillation of 95 percent of the world’s bourbon whiskey. Thanks to the development of Barrel & Bond, a new Bourbon and Cocktail Bar, the good people of Kentucky have been able to enjoy incredible bourbon and delicious food for the previous 250 years or more.


They believe that the experience at Barrel & Bond should extend beyond the glass, and it is this that distinguishes them from the competitors. You can genuinely enjoy a drink of bourbon at Barrel & Bond, but the experience is made even better by the folks you’re with while you’re sipping on the liquid gold.


At Barrel & Bond, everyone is free to come in and enjoy themselves. Everyone is invited to come to their establishment, regardless of their age or level of acquaintance with alcoholic beverage use. They want to establish a pleasant environment where individuals may get together to share their love of bourbon and develop long-lasting connections.


In their event venue in historic downtown, which has spectacular views of the riverfront and floodwall paintings, many of the original architectural elements will be retained, including an exposed brick archway joining the two rooms. Gas lights, wood and copper elements, as well an abundance of natural light, will all be included in the room’s design.


Reunions, wedding parties, bridal showers, and other casual gatherings are all invited to have events in their meeting room. They offer enough space for you and up to 50 of your closest friends to gather in one place. Please get in contact with them immediately if you would like to learn more about hosting your event with them.


On-site private events, including monthly meetings of the Paducah Bourbon Society, events for their female partners, and a variety of other public activities will be conducted at the Barrel & Bond location.


Barrels and Bond believe that there are no bad bourbons; rather, they believe that there are only the greatest. This couple wants to stock their bourbon bar with a comprehensive assortment of whiskey brands in order to accommodate a wide range of palates.


Appetizers and small dishes are included. Brunch dishes such as eggs benedict and charcuterie boards will soon be added to their 120-seat venue’s menu, which will offer bourbon pairings as well as charcuterie and cheese boards. Each and every item on their menu will be inspired by the whiskey they serve. They believe that there is no “wrong” way to consume whiskey, but they do recognize that some meals pair better with bourbon than others depending on the taste profile of the dish in question. Likewise, our daily desserts, which are cooked from scratch, as well as our premium cuts of steak, reflect this commitment to quality. Another method we intend to provide you with a taste of Kentucky’s best spirit is via food pairings.