Hancock of Paducah

If you like your house and want to give it a fresh new appearance with high-quality materials, you have arrived at the perfect location. They have been in the fabric business since 1971 and are a fabric shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that specializes in designer fabrics and other textiles. It is very simple to navigate through the vast selection of beautiful fabrics available at Hancocks of Paducah. These fabrics include the finest Egyptian cotton and silks, plush Italian woolens, fine Indonesian Batik prints, and exquisite Japanese silks, as well as durable upholstery fabrics for your home or office, among many other options. For those in the Peoria, Illinois region who are seeking high-quality fabric at reasonable costs or for those who are interested in bespoke curtain work, this is the place to go for a huge selection at a great price without having to sacrifice style or design. Come on over to their showroom so that they can assist you in creating the most up-to-date new style for your property. Browse around this site.


Dorothy and William Hancock saw a need for a fabric shop that catered to rural communities when they opened their business in 1952. As a result of this vision, Hancock Fabrics, a national fabric business, was born. In 1962, William Hancock was killed in a vehicle accident; his wife, Dorothy, carried on his vision. She worked in the fabric industry with her two kids, Rowland and Rodney, from an early age. Three generations of clients purchased fabric for baptism gowns, children’s dresses, and other garments for themselves.


Dorothy was an enthusiastic quilter and a dedicated member of the American Quilter’s Society, which she belonged to for many years. On the suggestion of his uncle, L.D. Hancock, her son, Rowland Hancock, relocated to Kentucky in order to start a fabric business. After expanding into a 30,000 square foot facility in 1986, the company was able to provide the world’s biggest retail variety of cloth. Our catalog mail-orders business was launched in 1990 as quilting gained popularity throughout the country. Since then, we have served consumers all across the country. As a result, we are presently shipping items all throughout the country as well as to 72 other countries globally.


The folks at Hancocks of Paducah deserve some of the credit from time to time. Sometimes the credit goes to the resourceful client who puts their items to use in ways that we could never have predicted. Regardless of who gets the credit, their clientele is some of the most innovative and creative artists in the world. It is their goal to encourage this inventiveness by giving the highest-quality items.


When you go inside the shop, you’ll receive that relaxing atmosphere and see the exquisite silk scarves hung on the wall. Consider taking one off the shelf and marveling at the meticulous attention to detail and high-quality silk that went into creating this work of textile art. Touch it to be sure it isn’t a dream, and pull it near to your face to feel the softness and mild coolness of the material on your skin. The scent of pure silk envelops you in happiness. This is about as authentic as it gets.


Do you want to buy fabrics? The millions of reasons why you should visit Hancocks of Paducah include searching for the highest-quality building materials for your house or apparel maker, or maybe you are looking for a wonderful napkin to place on your tablecloth at a special dinner. Every kind of fabric is available, including curtains and tablecloths, as well as fabrics, textiles, and much more!