5 Steps in Getting a Divorce

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Your life will be irrevocably changed if you choose to divorce, thus it is essential that you carefully plan your departure from the relationship. Are you prepared to make the first moves for a more promising future? The following advice will help you begin the process of getting a divorce while maintaining a better sense […]

Getting a Divorce: How Should I Pick My Lawyer? Here are 6 Useful Tips!

Tips When Choosing a Lawyer | Family Law Paducah, Kentucky

Modern day internet makes it easier to source legal advice and how-tos about almost every topic. But it is not advisable to process an official lawsuit by yourself, particularly an annulment where children and asset ownership are at stake. Even though most courts will not require you to have a lawyer as you process your […]

Joint Custody & Co-Parenting: Tips for the Holiday Season

Holiday Co-Parenting | Family Law Paducah, Kentucky

Even after a divorce, many parts of parenting can stay the same. That includes maintaining a good parent-child relationship, which often, if not always, requires close attention and care. Children are very likely to be exposed to emotional turbulence after the annulment.  In addition, their lives can become even more unstable if the parents continue […]

Life After Divorce: Who Gets to Own the House & Property?

Property Disputes During Divorce | Family Law Paducah, Kentucky

Being married often means sharing what a couple owns with one another. It has become an apparent trend during the modern period when almost everything can be co-owned or have the option for joint ownership which appeals greatly to engaged people and newlyweds. Such arrangements do have their own benefits, but they can also become […]

Can I Afford Getting a Divorce?

Can I Afford Getting a Divorce?

Are you worried about how to pay for a divorce? Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, and Separation Agreements are all ways to talk about money and other rights and responsibilities in a marriage. As I’ve said before, prenuptial agreements give couples a chance to talk in-depth about each other’s finances before the wedding. Also, prenuptial agreements […]

Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Getting a divorce means making a plan for what will happen to assets and debts and how the family will be taken care of. People have a lot of wrong ideas about how to get social security benefits after getting a divorce. Some of the most common myths about social security benefits for ex-spouses are […]